A personal language
coach for every student at
a price that makes sense.

As low as $10 per session

Small group:
As low as $5 per session

We believe in the value we bring to language learners and we’re also sensitive to the struggle of students trying to pay for their education.

So we've structured our pricing in a way that supports our stellar coaches and gives students options.

Try our Pricing Estimator to get a sense of how much students would pay per semester.

Price Estimator

Price Per Student
break down
One-On-One vs.
Choose between One-On-One or Small-Group sessions for your students. One-On-One sessions are beneficial for upper-level students; whereas, intro-level learners often prefer small groups (usually 2-3 students per coach) so they can ease into communication practice.
Session Duration
It may be hard to believe, but 15 minutes truly does fly by! We have many intro courses that choose to do 30 minutes, once per week. Our coaches are trained to fill the time with meaningful, useful practice so that students are engaged and learning a ton. For higher levels, 45-minute sessions are wonderful. And we do get requests for 60-minute sessions but aren’t offering that… yet!
No. of Sessions per
The frequency of sessions per week or month is purely up to you. Many instructors choose to have students meet with their coaches weekly; others prefer more like once a month. We're happy to consult with you on these decisions.
Unlimited access to
This is an incredibly valuable add-on that expands students' exposure to a variety of cultural topics, presented live via Zoom from various locations around the world. We typically offer multiple presentations per month and students can sign up for any and all of them if this add on is selected by instructors.