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“I absolutely LOVE this program! My students are wondering why the sessions can’t be longer, or they can’t do this twice a week. I’m getting amazing feedback from them.”
Prof. Lissette Castro
Mt San Jacinto College
“It was fun today meeting with my F2F class after their first LM session. It was awesome to incorporate what they talked about and learned with their coaches into the class. They were able to tell me their coach's name, where they are from and share an additional detail about them. It's just so cool - next level!”
Kate Brooke
Texas Tech University
“The coaching eliminates listening to student recordings; instead of listening we can now watch our student videos, where we see the students interact.”
Prof. Helga Winkler
Moorpark Community College
“LinguaMeeting facilitates the integration of Virtual Exchange into your foreign language course in an easy and practical way. These interactions with native speakers help students achieve ACTFL’s goal areas and standards in a low-anxiety and fun atmosphere. I highly recommend it from high elementary to advanced courses.”
Maripaz Garcia
First Year Coordinator at Yale University
Wondering how to effortlessly incorporate LinguaMeeting into your classroom?
Wondering how to effortlessly incorporate LinguaMeeting into your classroom?
“There’s lots of research on this: frequent pleasant interactions with native speakers can create that internal motivation for students to want to try more. That’s the biggest benefit.”
Jill Pelletieri
Santa Clara University
“Students love LinguaMeeting.... at the beginning they really struggle and don't want to do it. By the end they always tell me how useful it was.”
Luisa Baez
University of Southern Mississippi