Language practice with native-speaker coaches.

Language practice with native-speaker coaches.

Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.
LinguaMeeting introduces a new way to enrich the foreign language classroom experience. Students can work outside of the classroom with a personal, native-speaker language coach in a real-time online learning environment. Instructors are supported by our coaches, who work as teaching assistants, helping them to implement more conversation into their curriculum.
Elena Casillas

As faculty, we want to help our students to become confident and enjoy learning a foreign language. However, classroom time and opportunities to practice the language are limited. We created LinguaMeeting as a solution to shift students from simply studying the language to truly communicating in the language.

Elena Casillas

Instructor of Spanish/Founder of LinguaMeeting

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Language coaches


Language coaches

Language coaches are better than online activities

Interaction with native speakers is key to learning a language. We use technology to connect students with native-speaking coaches to help you. They are generally a mix of university students in their final year of study and young professionals. Our language coaches are attentively trained and supervised by our team.

Conversational curriculum

We work closely with textbooks publishers and faculty to ensure our coaches can use relevant resources during the sessions. The coaches are familiar with the syllabus and textbook used in your class. Our goal is to get students from practicing the language to having a real conversation.

conversational curriculum

Decline in Student’s Anxiety

Our research shows that students using LinguaMeeting display a sharp decline in anxiety whilst speaking the target language in their regular class.

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Sessions are recorded and archived.
Same day rescheduling option.
Students can make up a missed session.
Customizable rubric for grading.
Coach feedback for every session.

Sigo encantada con el producto y estoy orgullosísima de los logros de mis estudiantes, especialmente con la ayuda del coaching. El énfasis en lo oral ha transformado el proceso de enseñanza.

Martha Simmons

Instructor at Xavier University