What They're
“My language coach is so friendly, supportive, smart, and cheerful. I do not feel intimidated at all. My confidence has grown. Also, I liked the cultural exposure, getting to see parks and houses and hear about her life.”
Caitlin Alexander
Berkeley City College
“LinguaMeeting is an incredible way to practice Spanish! I've loved connecting with my coaches and getting to learn more about many different countries around the world. It has truly been a pleasure as I wrap up my second course in Spanish.”
Christian Thomas
Yale University
Five Star Reviews
“A great mix of conversational skills and extra study time.... I am glad this counted towards my grade as I feel I could actually earn a better grade by utilizing the things I learned in class!”
Wylie Skillman
University of California Santa Barbara
“Over 12 weeks and 5 sessions, I went from barely being able to talk about the weather to having in-depth conversations about body positivity and K-pop!”
Reagan Levy
Michigan State University
Loved your LinguaMeeting Experience? We would love to hear from you!
Loved your LinguaMeeting Experience? We would love to hear from you!
“Linguameeting has been a great tool for me to learn, speak, and understand Spanish better. My coach, Gissell Limas, is the best! She is patient, supportive, encouraging, and fun to talk with. I looked forward to all of our meetings, and I can not recommend her enough! 11/10!”
Mary Pahides
University of Florida
Melany Tirado was great! She was super helpful and sweet. It was very easy to talk to her. Overall great experience!
Carla Ocampo
Moorpark College