What our students are saying:

Yes, I would recommend this program to other students. The online sessions really help me develop speaking and listening comprehension skills. Also, the online class was particularly helpful with correcting pronunciation (which was an area of weakness for me). I'm really sorry that the course is nearly over. I noticed how different learning Spanish from lesson and actual conversations are completely different, and the two need to be fused together to create the full learning experience. That being said, I am glad that I participated in this online class. Not only did I meet a great teacher, but my Spanish has definitely improved.


Conversing in Spanish is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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Secondary schools and institutions of higher learning around the globe using the En vivo Coaching Program

Advantages of the Coaching Program for Students

  • Learn from the comfort of your home, dorm, or office.
  • Select from a number of times to fit your lifestyle and schedule.
  • Practice Spanish in small groups with a native speaker.
  • The coaching approach is fun, personal, and interactive.
  • Sessions are adapted to you and your course objectives.
  • Student portal is available to track your progress.

Advantages of the Coaching Program for Instructors

  • We follow your syllabus: You teach; we coach!
  • Reinforce what you teach in class via the coaching session.
  • Instructor's portal contains detailed information on students' participation.
  • Track student practice and attendance at coaching sessions anytime via reports.
  • Sessions are recorded and available for instructor's review.
  • Attendance and grade reports are available to you.
  • Build cross-cultural bridges virtually.
  • Expose student to a native speaker and to Hispanic culture.